Business and Financial Literacy for Teens

For our last unit of the semester at Coastside Leadership Academy, we focused on the 21st Century Theme of Business and Financial Literacy. We wanted our students to gain an understanding of the job application process and learn how to make informed financial decisions. We broke the unit into five stages including examining personal values,Continue reading “Business and Financial Literacy for Teens”

Women’s Coaching Alliance Mentorship

This spring, I had the opportunity to mentor a first time softball coach through the Women’s Coaching Alliance. I met Sari, a high school senior, at the WCA’s Leadership Academy back in January. When she introduced herself at the Academy I was impressed with her confidence and poise. She said that she wanted to coachContinue reading “Women’s Coaching Alliance Mentorship”

Female Body Health

Health Literacy is an important aspect of leadership. At Coastside Leadership Academy we want to create leaders who understand their bodies so they can make informed health decisions for themselves and others. CLA is a gender inclusive girls homeschool program, and for our Health Literacy unit, we wanted to be as inclusive as possible. WeContinue reading “Female Body Health”

Free Play For Teens

At Coastside Leadership Academy we spend the first hour of our day moving our bodies outside. We have done a wide range of activities for movement, including hiking, yoga, climbing trees or ropes, Spike Ball, Pickleball, and dancing. We usually provide structure for this block of the day, but I have seen the biggest benefitsContinue reading “Free Play For Teens”

Advocating For Yourself

At Coastside Leadership Academy we consider everyone to be both a student and teacher and this week I unexpectedly benefited from one of our social emotional learning lessons. My co-founder and I feel that it is our role to listen to our students and meet their needs with our co-created curriculum. Our students expressed toContinue reading “Advocating For Yourself”

Supporting Student’s Education Journeys

This week was “Empowered People, Empower People” week at Coastside Leadership Academy and we took this opportunity to start talking about our student’s journeys after CLA. We dedicated an entire day for our students to envision what they would like their lives to be like if they were to graduate that day. We were intentionalContinue reading “Supporting Student’s Education Journeys”

Compassionate Leadership

Charlotte Stein, 15, is an animal lover and avid horseback rider. She has been taking riding lessons at Moss Beach Ranch with trainer Mimi Mansour for the last eight years. Stein spends multiple afternoons per week at Moss Beach Ranch, where it has been a difficult winter. “My riding instructor is struggling financially, especially withContinue reading “Compassionate Leadership”

Coastside Women’s Golf Meet-up

Last fall I was transitioning into a new role at Coastside Leadership Academy, and while doing that was exciting and rewarding, I also realized I was missing connection with a community. It felt ironic to me because I was successfully building a community for students, where they felt seen and supported, but because CLA isContinue reading “Coastside Women’s Golf Meet-up”