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My Family After Senior Pinning

This week I was asked to give the reflection at the Senior Pinning Ceremony at my alma mater. The pinning ceremony is a school tradition where an alum “pin’s” a graduating senior to recognize the transition from student to alumni. I was honored to be asked to welcome the Class of 2022 to our Alumnae Association because I am a proud alum and I would be pinning my sister who is graduating this year. These are my words of encouragement to our new members of the Mercy High School Alumnae Association. 

Hello Class of 2022. I am honored to be your Alumnae speaker today who has the pleasure of welcoming you to our Alumnae Association. 

Your high school careers are quickly coming to a close as we celebrate your accomplishments at all of our school’s culminating events. Closure can bring a mixture of emotions, but today is not a sad day that marks the end of an era for the Class of 2022. Today is the beginning of the next step in your Mercy career. Today you join the network of alums who are connected to you by shared experiences and Mercy values, many of whom are in this room. 

Soon, you all will be setting foot out into the workforce and building your careers. As graduates of an all girls school high school, Mercy supports you. Our network of alums is 8,000 strong. Alums all over the world share our values. We are connected to congresswomen, scientists, lawyers, artists, educators and entrepreneurs. Part of being a Mercy graduate is understanding the importance of lifting other women up as we rise. I want to encourage you to reach out to alumni connections when you need to. Confidently ask these alums questions and courageously share your dreams with them. They will want to help you because of the bonds of Mercy.

Class of 2022, your class is special because you learned to support each other during a pandemic. It was a hard four years of high school, but I do think it brought your class even closer. You learned how to celebrate your accomplishments in the classrooms, give high fives on the athletic fields, comfort and hug each other when things were hard, and connect in ways that we couldn’t have predicted over Zoom. Your relationship as a class is strong and after graduation and as an alum, it is up to you to continue to be each other’s cheerleaders and champions. 

As your Coach, here are some examples of what continued support looks like in your new role as an alum. When someone in our Mercy network has an event, show up and be present. Some of you will invent and sell things, make sure to buy each other’s products. Some of you will own your own company and be someone’s boss. Hire within our Mercy network. When you need a doctor, dentist, real estate agent, insurance broker, personal trainer or anything in between, look for one within our Mercy network. And most importantly, pay these Mercy alums what they are worth for their work. Mercy will spread and be sustained if we take care of each other and tend to the garden that is our Mercy network. We have the power to ensure that our community is successful, by pouring our resources of time and treasure forward.

When you receive your pins today you will officially be a member of the Mercy High School Alumnae Association. Wear your pin with pride. Our pins are a symbol of shared traditions and beliefs. You are the role models who will inspire the next generation of Mercy students and move our community forward. As an alum, I know that you are ready to carry on this priceless tradition. 

Welcome to our Alumnae family, Class of 2022. We love you!

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