Five Welcome Back To School Questions For Teens

After a summer of rest and personal growth, I am really excited to welcome my students back to Coastside Leadership Academy next week. I can’t wait to see how they have grown too, and hear about the experiences that have shaped them. When going back to school I like to be mindful that everyone willContinue reading “Five Welcome Back To School Questions For Teens”

Make It Main Street

Participating in and creating community is central to Coastside Leadership Academy’s mission, and this week we hosted a booth at Make It Main Street in Half Moon Bay. Make it Main Street is a street fair featuring local small businesses and it is one of our favorite events to participate in. Local artists, nonprofits, andContinue reading “Make It Main Street”

Self-Talk– Accepting What IS

Over the last few weeks, I have been paying attention to my inner dialogue. Growing up, I learned a lot about the importance of “positive self-talk” when performing a skill. My understanding was that self-talk boosts confidence in one’s self because the words or phrases you are using like “you got this!” are motivating andContinue reading “Self-Talk– Accepting What IS”

Playing in the Trees

The cypress forest at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in Moss Beach is Coastside Leadership Academy’s primary learning location. The forest is calm, offers protection from the wind, and has very few visitors during the week, so usually we have the entire forest to ourselves. We have an hour of movement every morning and playing inContinue reading “Playing in the Trees”

Leadership Lesson: Find a Cofounder

This year has been dedicated to the journey of starting Coastside Leadership Academy, a gender inclusive homeschool nature program for high school girls. As programming for the first cohort came to a close, I was having trouble finding the words to express my experience in the inaugural year. I have many thoughts and feelings aboutContinue reading “Leadership Lesson: Find a Cofounder”

The Positive Coach’s Summer Reading List

My reading list this summer includes a graphic novel, a New York Times Best Seller adapted for young adult readers, and a young adult fiction series. The books have vastly different storylines, but they all ask the reader to self reflect on their own personal identity. Gender Queer: a Memoir, Caste, and the Akata WitchContinue reading “The Positive Coach’s Summer Reading List”

The Future is Inclusive

Coastside Leadership Academy is a gender inclusive all girls program that supports all LGBTQIA+ community members. At CLA, girls refers to gender expansive youth including cis girls, trans girls, non-binary youth, gender non-conforming youth, gender queer youth, and any girl identified youth. This is a core aspect of our community because we believe that allContinue reading “The Future is Inclusive”