Coastside Leadership Academy Summer Seminar

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“Empowering young women to lead through movement and wellness in nature.”

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The Coastside Leadership Academy offers a one week leadership seminar for girls ages 14-17. During the week, leaders will engage in leadership development activities, movement, hiking, journaling, and mindful play. Leaders will explore their own identity as leaders, practice using their voice, create a personal mission statement, and complete leadership “challenges” while enjoying Moss Beach.

Sample Day at The Coastside Leadership Academy Seminar:

  • Welcome and Warm Up Game
  • Short Hike
  • Meditation, Intention Setting
  • Leadership Activity and Journaling
  • Mindful Play or Art
  • Lunch
  • Leadership Challenge- Building a Lean-to, Scavenger hunt
  • Closing ceremony
  • Short Hike
  • Pick Up

The Coastside Leadership Academy Seminar General Info:

We will be in nature all day so it is recommended to wear layers and sturdy shoes.

Leaders should bring a journal, yoga mat, towel, snacks, lunch, and a water bottle.

The seminar is screenless to promote connection with other leaders.

Moss Beach, CA

July 11th-July 15th– Girls aged 14-17

July 18th-July 22nd– Girls aged 14-17