Introducing the Coastside Leadership Academy

Lindsay and Claire

Claire Rietmann-Grout and Lindsay Stewart are the Co-Founders of The Coastside Leadership Academy (CLA) opening in the Fall of 2022 for its inaugural high school cohort or homeschool students. 

CLA is an all girls high school experience that is rooted in the cycles of joy, healing, and growth. CLA is led by experts in all girls education with over a combined 15 years leading in girls schools. 

Claire Rietmann-Grout is a Half Moon Bay local who is passionate about inspiring girls and women to lead. As an all girls educator and administrator, she specializes in building community-based leadership programs for high school students. 

Lindsay Stewart is a teacher at her core who knows the key to learning, at any age, is to have fun and incorporate play. She specializes in student-centered curriculum design that empowers students to find their own passions and joy of learning. 

CLA combines the benefits of a homeschool model of education, with the support of an all girls community, mindfulness, and leadership skills all facilitated by professionals in education and administration. 

Inspired by forest and nature schools, CLA students will reinvent the high school experience to find their joy of learning. With nature as their guide, students learn through the balance of movement, play, curiosity, and rest.

Visit the Coastside Leadership Academy website for more information.

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